About Us

Improve, LLC (Improve) helps state and local educational agencies and other institutions across the United States achieve rapid progress in attaining their organizational and project goals.  Improve boosts team performance to the next level by energizing and inspiring stakeholders as we help them succeed in undertaking complex projects.  Improve assists organizations achieve dramatic improvements in use of people, processes and technology.

Improve’s service areas include:

 Strategic Planning and Performance Metrics

Improve helps organizations develop three to five year strategic plans to define, prioritize, and accomplish their mission.  Improve does this through identifying short and long term goals through facilitated focus groups with organizational stakeholders.  Improve will then assist organizations develop ways to measure these goals through developing organizational performance metrics and write an implementation plan identifying strategies, priorities and responsible parties to achieve these metrics.

 Organizational Design and Change Management

Improve helps organizations determine the best organizational structure and collaboration strategies to accomplish their goals and support teamwork throughout the organization.  Change management and training techniques provide the planning, engagement, communication, support, and knowledge transfer to ensure buy-in to the new processes and skill sets required.   Improve works with clients to develop a shared positive view of the future while integrally involving all key stakeholders.  Participants emerge from training workshops/forums energized and excited to embrace organizational goals and change.

Operational Improvement

Improve helps organizations achieve performance excellence through educational, operational, and financial goal setting.  Improve team members will review the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational structure, technology and business processes to achieve organizational goals.  Improve helps reorganize entities and streamline business practices through analysis and implementation of best practices supported by benchmarking through primary and secondary research.

Information Technology (IT) Planning

Improve helps institutions use technology to achieve organizational goals and reduce costs.  Improve will help organizations conduct a current state assessment of business goals and how technology enables core business processes.  Improve analyzes business applications, hardware, infrastructure, costs, training and support.  Improve facilitates focus group sessions supported by best practice benchmarking to develop information technology goals.  Lastly, Improve develops a gap analysis and implementation plan to help achieve defined goals.

 Project Management

Many large projects come in over-budget and with significant delays due to poor project management.  Improve helps organizations achieve their project goals on-time and within budget through clearly defining project scope and providing disciplined project management processes, tools, and templates to support on-time, on-budget implementation.  Project processes and tools include adequate project plans and budgets, regular status meetings with advanced reporting templates, and an emphasis on change management and training.  Change management and training templates provide the communication, support, and knowledge transfer to system users to ensure system usage and buy-in to the new processes and skill sets required.

Grant and Request for Proposal (RFP) Writing

Improve has written many successful grants including those funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the Institute of Education Sciences, the United Jewish Appeal, the Chappaqua School Foundation, and the Connecticut State Department of Education.  Improve helps organizations define their funding goals, strategies and implementation plans, and assists with grant writing and coordination of grant submission.  Improve also helps organizations with large scale technology purchases by helping to define functional requirements, write RFPs and manage the procurement process through vendor selection.  Recent RFPs include student information systems, ERP (human resource/payroll/finance/procurement) systems, and data warehousing solutions.

Total Quality Improvement

Nona Ullman, President of Improve, was on the Malcolm Baldrige Board of Examiners where she received extensive training on implementation and evaluation of total quality management principals in organizations.   Ms. Ullman can help organizations assess the maturity of their efforts to deploy quality initiatives and propose recommendations for continuous improvement.